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  • Thank you for playing, ToddHall! You've always been so kind! I hope that everything is okay.
  • syme wrote: » Is Cheb still playing with another nickname? (What's the current one?) Here's Cheb! It seems that they still use the same username, but they might not have played for a while now
  • Aww... Goodness..... I really miss these times
  • I agree very much that online harassment is a problem on this game... It's certainly one factor that has kept me from playing! We all desire a community, for that's how humans are, yet to be harassed or made to feel bad about ourselves in a place wh…
  • In the case that you may be being serious, or that someone else may feel comforted in hearing someone else talk about this, I want to admit that I dealt with this too back when I played this game more often!! I used to feel so ashamed and upset w…
  • Lag perk
    in A jump :P Comment by ham August 2018
  • Stay_ wrote: » How you can make this gif ? :O @ham_ To make the gifs, I used Gyazo! Sadly, gifs can only be made a certain length, and they may come out a bit laggy... Here's the link to the website.
  • I miss the old hamsters so much!!!! Gahhh... I really wish they were still available ): I've mentioned this to somebody before, but I think that they might've forgotten that I mentioned that those hammy skins were gone! I don't blame them though ..…
  • Fun in JP server!
  • muimui_7,777,777
  • It's a shame that other people talk to others in that way ): The only reason I can think of why people act this way is because they must be unhappy themselves! It's really is upsetting..
  • This may be a little outdated, but I took a photo of these scores posted by Hamsterdam ~2 years ago! I don't think that the score formulas have changed
    in Score Comment by ham December 2017
  • Hamster Trap! Unpopped Ball??? :-) Happy @DJ_Kinky
  • I hate it when you and another player are in a small spot waiting for bombs to explode and they just suicide there It's not very fun, but that's what makes the game hardcore! I still hate it though haha : -) I don't know a way to stop it though!
  • LazyABB wrote: » I consider it an unskilled technique since it doesn't require any strategy to use. I can do it, but it a very risky move to use. I'd say on a scale for skill it's at most a B ranked move. A ranked moves are ones that usually invol…
  • If I'm not fighting somebody who's taking the plut, then I'm likely their friend/friendly to them if you feel that this shouldn't happen, then make it a point to stop players from helping each other get plut! If nobody else is stopping them, the…
  • oh ... none of the bots have a skin anymore! The guests have taken over
  • Like pwnyy said, I believe that the daily ranking reset If you click on yesterday, you should see the remaining 4
  • [img][/img] Just made it!
  • aww ... saying goodbye is the hard part, but it's alright to go through with it if you feel that it's the best thing to do.
    in Goodbye Comment by ham June 2017
  • I guess I didn't join far back enough! I only remember the Pac-Men I kind of like that they're gone so I don't die towards the end haha :-)
  • in Music Comment by ham June 2017
  • in Music Comment by ham June 2017
  • MiniGelidusBoy wrote: » Before the MIXED update in US, there was a thing where the last five seconds everyone was a nyancat,but this time kills counted during those 5 seconds. Can it be brought back? I think kills counted in the last five secon…
    in Ideas~ Comment by ham May 2017
  • Gally wrote: » Be nice if Bots could activate arena too That would be hilarious!
    in Arenas Comment by ham May 2017
  • I believe that the greater issue is the generally pessimistic attitude towards the developers (and the game) ... and the negativity perpetuates because people build off of each other on the anger they're feeling. The things that @Excuse_Me said make…
    in Team Play Comment by ham May 2017
  • ham_ wrote: » I have a question. How much score do you get if you win an arena battle? actually, better question! What's the score equation for mixed servers?
    in Arenas Comment by ham May 2017