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"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe." Albert Einstein


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  • for the last screenshot you played on dev server @Bobbyz ^^
  • As @pwnyy said solo style is better for kills/medals and thats why i prefer it (; Another aspect which has a influence on the game style (team vs solo - we are talking about hardcore mode) is the ussage of perks, for example if you are using Amplifi…
  • As i mentioned in another thread there is already an "Easy" room, but it looks like it can only be accessed on RU. So the first step should be making an "Easy" room on all game servers! And if a new player register an account and want to join the "H…
  • LazyABB wrote: » I consider it an unskilled technique since it doesn't require any strategy to use. That's not true and a bad argument xD Look, i will compare chaining with bomb kicking. So for bomb kicking you don't need a strategy, too! You j…
  • @LazyABB Thank you for brining this up! I agree that it is verry annoying for new players if they die instantly because some other players chain around. But i don't agree with your words about it like its an unskilled technique. I am not the person …
  • I think it's a nice feature (:
  • Great idea!
  • nice video! i like your edits (especially the sounds!) ;D
  • since i can't play anymore on ru because of terrible laags i play on eu and i've had a lot reconnects, too! usually in situations when it's really bad (eg. short before pluto catch).
  • Excuse_Me wrote: » It was considered numerous times in the past, including formulas like K/(D+1) and (K-D). Not dying already helps gain more kills because a player continues killing non-stop without losing bonuses. Proposed changes will make d…
  • Gally wrote: » 0x42 wrote: » Thank you Gally for your eplanation on an example where it is clear that it is not the game which causes the laags. But.. seriously, did you really thought that i was uploading some videos while playing GoB and than …
  • Gally wrote: » Example of when it is my computer that is the problem - 0 ping [note ms time are low all the time] when i upload to youtube [note ms times are immediately high] ~500-600 ping I also ran a tracert when my upload was about to…
  • Gally wrote: » You can (of course) practice "easy chaining turning" by getting nyan disease and then dropping a bomb wait for the correct time to start moving to initiate the chain. Then just practice your "turning" as the disease will do all the …
    in Chaining~MMB Comment by 0x42 May 2017
  • If you want to turn while chaining (i'm talking about endless chains in ANY directions (--> around corners), i'm NOT talking about endless chains in only ONE direction like the follows: ⇖, ⇗, ⇘ and ⇙) you have to keep a look on your ping. Turnin…
    in Chaining~MMB Comment by 0x42 May 2017
  • Hey there! (: My name represents two things (and the combination of those as a third meaning is more a fun fact ;D @MiniGelidusBoy ): 0x is a prefix indicating that the following has to be interpreted as a hexadecimal number. It derives from Inf…
  • Hey (: i really enjoyed it having my own room so far, it's great and makes a lot of fun! @pwnyy It's a really cool feature!! I'd like to as a question and maybe report a bug, or name a missing feature, idk ;D In the Personal Room settings t…
  • The idea of representing a kill/death ratio would be awesome! It's one of the most common keyed perfomance indexes around there
    in Rankings Comment by 0x42 March 2017
  • Hey there! I've a question on point 5): Today morning (MEZ) between 11 and 12 AM i played on RU-Server (Normal room). Normally i got a constant FPS of about 60-61, but in that time i got constantly 30-31! And it was in all servers, i tested it! …
  • I think, this is a good start to reduce shild suicudes!