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  • I know! All these nicknames, I said, is the same person. That's exactly what I said. I think you misunderstood my post. I was saying that he has his current nickname for a little bit more than 2 weeks. Then what's the point of your post? You s…
  • I think maybe you're talking about the wrong player because I_am_a_nice_kid has this nickname since the 17th of June. It was Yumi_kazama before I_am_a_nice_kid. From newest to oldest I know: Yumi_kazama --> I_am_a_nice_kid I_want_a_wife -…
  • 19
    in Gols Comment by syme December 2021
  • Heavy forest
  • ham wrote: » Here's Cheb! It seems that they still use the same username, but they might not have played for a while now Oh yes... I could have seen it myself
  • Is Cheb still playing with another nickname? (What's the current one?)
  • 11 too
    in Gols Comment by syme December 2020
  • @ishi10 just mute him for 1 year
  • @Excuse_Me Yes I've said it for months!...but everybody just said things "developers made it for money" or "against big scores"... (I never believe this could be for money since there is no perk/power-up to buy against this, and about big scores it …
  • @Excuse_Me Since the mixed mode, I always lose the kick when I die (whatever the number of deaths and delay between them, even dying only once I lose it). Even observing players, everybody lose its kick for each death. In extension of what @HASHA…
  • @Unadulterated who knows? I don't care if they won't change anything: I'm just sad & for them & for the game. I wouldn't want them to change when it's too late (to get enough players back). I'm just trying to be constructive saying what I s…
  • No, clearly, I even said "you're a witness" to @LilKat yesterday (or before). No time to break some walls then go back from where we's already regenerated whereas nearly nothing was broken... I'm sure there is not far less "meadows" th…
    in Mixed RU Comment by syme June 2017
  • @Nevada @Excuse_Me I think Nevada's thought comes from the fact that fields are regenerating too fast/too often. I often see fields being regenerated only a few seconds (or even immediately!) after breaking the last wall...but with all the concre…
    in Mixed RU Comment by syme June 2017
  • @Unadulterated I don't see what's the aim of your comment... telling your life / your family member's life doesn't bring anything.
  • Now purple came back it's a hell... and this room can not be ignored anymore. (As I ignored the old server.) When I'm blue or purple, I don't know who are my blue or purple allies and who are my purple or blue enemies, and which places are blue or …
  • I already thought about that, but I didn't propose it because it's not better in fact. I think nothing is perfect. Take an example (of 7 may 2016): @pvvnyy : 117 kills, 0 death => KDR = infinity @_z_ : 64 kills, 3 deaths => KDR = 21.3 …
  • I don't think there are distracting, but maybe you'll prefer those : But that's more tiles. Horizontal arrows for the vertical barriers of the fortress and vertical arrows for the horizontal barriers.
  • From the time I posted, I've made new tiles (not confusing with the already existing ones) but I don't know if it would be easy to add
  • Oh I'm idiot, I just got the idea of using a spreadsheet... and I found one that matches: "players killed * 2 + bots killed". I don't remember why I thought it was 10. Is it the right formula?