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  • I liked it. Especially so for the part around 4:27.
  • Serega wrote: » _Salty_ wrote: » Suggestion: while waiting for match to start (thus: while one is sitting still), it should not be possible to get killed by bombs from others. Players who are waiting for game start, must defend themselves. I th…
    in Arenas Comment by rp1 August 2017
  • Maybe, at some point in time (however far off that may be), arenas could be added to normal rooms. This would make it possible to actually duel someone in the arena because, as of when this was posted here, barely anyone uses the DEV server. Thanks…
    in Arenas Comment by rp1 May 2017
  • This sounds more like a motivational thread than a thread about medals now.
  • Ways to use pacifism perk: Use with something like miners luck to get increased amounts of gold. Use perk to protect you Trolling Partying Being that person that places a bomb and at the last second pushes it to set off a chain reaction to get a …
    in Pacifism Perk Comment by rp1 May 2017
  • I haven't bought any pluto so I can't donate. Love the name, btw.
    in MiniMorelandNoob Comment by rp1 May 2017
  • Another bug (could be on my side of the game and not the server though): The developmental/developer server is intermittently crashing in the middle of the game. I cannot discern the cause of it, unfortunately, but my best guess is a connection erro…
  • Gally wrote: » ReadyPlayerOne wrote: » This sounds too good to be true @Hackerham. You can play mixed room on EU server ... I was referring to the part about filling the map with pluto.
    in Development derp Comment by rp1 May 2017
  • This sounds too good to be true @Hackerham.
    in Development derp Comment by rp1 May 2017
  • I like the sound of these achievements. Though what the achievements are called could use a little more work @MiniGelidusBoy there is a new name for you in that list of perks which is MiniBombBoy.
  • That was perfect!
    in Poetry [GoB] Comment by rp1 May 2017
  • Another spawn rate question: what determines the number of balls (other than what type of map it is) that spawn per round?
    in FAQ Comment by rp1 May 2017
  • Being only a little over a decade old (I will not reveal my actual age for privacy reasons) I don't have that many memories that I can actually be considered my favorite; I just have memories that are bleh, kinda-sorta-not-really liked that, liked t…
    in Ice breaker game Comment by rp1 May 2017
  • While playing, I noticed that the perks in the DEV server aren't unlimited anymore. Is this an accident or something that is meant to stay (as I really like having unlimited perks)?
  • I never knew that rainbow bombs did 2 damage, thanks for the info.
  • As many of you probably know, my first name was TROLL666DEVIL. To tell the truth, I have no clue why I named myself this as it probably just popped into my head. After a while of playing this game (once I knew I was getting serious about the game) I…
  • Isn't there also a higher chance of it appearing as the number of people playing on a map increases?
  • Nice!
    in RANKED UP Comment by rp1 April 2017
  • LazyABB wrote: » @TROLL666DEVIL you died by a bot? bad bad troll. we will give you a score of 0 and no balls scored here. Gally wrote: » LazyABB wrote: » @TROLL666DEVIL you died by a bot? bad bad troll. we will give you a score of 0 and no ba…
  • This first started with us messing around, but is soon turned into hell.
    in Funny Moments Comment by rp1 April 2017
  • This is, by far, not my record, because I got my record (12) when there was still a snow map, but this is just an everyday round on the AU server. I thought I would post it, and when I get a better one caught on camera I'll post that.
  • I will be posting a screenshot up here eventually . I just need to get around to doing it, because I am currently trying to get a screenshot for the soccer/futbol challenge.
  • KCG_Ryuzero wrote: » LazyABB wrote: » I dunno rank overall doesn't mean a lot in game for skill. Just says who play a lot lot lot. I've been off and on for what 4-5 years. Some players who have been on longer than me are still like 1 star. I hav…
  • During this round, I was just trying to get a lot of gold (I was using my gold-collecting perks) and did not realize that I was getting so many kills.
  • This thread is turning into a skin request thread, not for talking about the bears, but things happen. But I do love the bears, but I do not think I will get one quite yet, as I am currently working on other things.
  • Excuse_Me wrote: » Most likely there will be custom room for other players too (for a lot of plutonium, of course). Excuse_Me wrote: » Players who have donated to the project 50$ or more, will receive their personal rooms on the DEV server duri…
  • CriminalCrimson wrote: » This is too sad, when the jelly soccerballs were new in the game and the goal surrounded by grass.. too sad, i did SERIOUS ragequit because couldn´t score it.
  • *Crying in a corner because I cannot figure out how to change my profile picture* How do you change it, by the way?
  • Hagelslag wrote: » anything random here That is the same sort of answer I would give someone in real life.
    in random Comment by rp1 March 2017