New perks

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1. Forester allows you to plant bushes. You can even paint with them :)
The only limitation is that you can't plant them inside special structures.

2. Pacifism is for those who value defense over offense. It turns all regular bombs (including blue, rainbow and radio bombs) into harmless (gray) and regenerates a shield every 40 sec. It doesn't affect perk bombs (mines, pumpkins, etc.) The shield regeneration doesn't stack with autoshield perk. Unlike normal harmless bombs, pacifist bomb don't save you from explosion when you stand on them (otherwise it would make a player practically immortal). The perk doesn't work when you have radiation (to prevent exploiting when taking plutonium and to allow even pacifists fight for it). Just like normal gray bombs, pacifist bomb may give kills, if they cause other (harmful) bombs to detonate and kill someone.

3. Boost significantly increases player's strength for a limited time, but leaves the player weakened afterwards.
For 40 seconds, it adds to the current and maximum values: 4 bombs, 2 blue bombs, 2 speed (so a player can have up to 12 bombs, 6 speed and 5 blue bombs, not accounting for other perks).
After 40 seconds, it removes those bonuses and additionally removes from the current values 2 bombs, 1 blue bomb, 1 speed (these values were higher 2017-01-17, but 2017-01-18 the penalty was reduced). A player can restore the current values by picking up items, as usual.
The balance is not final. Let us know what do you think and whether it should be buffed or nerfed.

These perks can be found both in the red chest and in the shop chest (since today). While they're new, the probability of finding them in the red chests is increased, but it'll be reduced to a normal value in a few days.

Other balance changes:
- a player loses 1 blue bomb when losing a shield;
- a player receives 2 sec. of armor when falling into abyss even when a bridge under the player is destroyed.


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