Same POS Game

Wow, left for a while and this crap is still the same. Crappy connection no matter the speed or location, shitty players that chase and don't let you enjoy the game, more of the exact same. I guess don't ever change, just petrify into obscurity...more so


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    Sir, I beg to differ - no way is it the same.

    The robots are more annoying and the shitty players are even shittier.

    P.S. Can we give luisthegay his "most suicides/most deaths" medal already ?
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  • Fuck Aggressive Beast, Fuck Luv_2_Bomb, Fuck Miguelwhatever and every other asshole guest that just steals shit and fucks with you. No mod support, this game can go suck a dick. I hope those 3 in particular get testicular cancer and die
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