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Hi, would it be possible to tweak a bit arenas?
Right now from the observation it looks like it's much more often the arena is 1 vs 1 instead of something bigger even that there are many players.
Maybe it would be possible that if there are more than two common arena players in previous round, next arena will be at least 2 vs 2?
Or anything else that will make 2vs2 arenas more common when there are many arena players.
Right now we often have to wait for some bigger arenas.
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  • Or would it be possible to havw two arenas of there are more players? like one 1vs1 arena and a bigger one.
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  • I can see that in the previous months, there have been more and more players interested in joining arena, with a very good and friendly spirit. And indeed, in my opinion when we have most fun is during 3 vs 3 arenas.
    In fact, it is really hard to match the arena with the number of players as sometimes a 2 vs 2 will appear and everyone has left.
    To solve all issues, I would be in favour to create an "arena mode" like you have the flag mode or the monsters mode.
    You could select an arena - the size you want and possibly the type you want - and invite players to join. You could have it public or private and the game would start once the arena is full. That way you would also avoid killings in the arena zone, with lots of people trolling to prevent us from enjoying arena.
    I tend to find the game a bit repetitive but I keep enjoying arena every time I play it.

    All thought welcome.
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  • It would very nice to have more 2vs2, 3vs3, 4against each other and 3 against each other arenas than 1 vs 1. There are definitely some fun ones, so I don't want them to be gone. but, I wonder if GOB team could rearrange frequency of occurrence a bit for us, arena crazies.

    OR,,, perhaps, you could create a room like monster room and pvwy (sry, I don't know the name anymore) room with a few arena options?
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  • Arena is the thing that keeps this game interesting for me as well. Though i do have a liking for 1v1, 1v2 and 1v3 and a strong dislike for team arenas (due to the lack of possibility of permanent teams being formed). I thought of starting a topic a while back, but this one seems the right place for some suggestions

    1. Arena always open - creating another instance of the arena map where a second/third/fourth and so on set of players can compete would solve this. Its dumb to have to wait for arena like we are at a line to use the toilet
    2. Campers - some people take advantage of players waiting for arena and constantly camp the arena ground for kills. Making the arena entry points work like the "i" button house/igloo solves this problem. Just stand on the entrance slot long enough for the bar to load and be safe from campers until other player/s arrive for arena. This would be EXTREMELY helpful
    3. Arena type selection - whether its 1v1, 2v2, 3v2, 4vs or 3vs should be determined either by the amount of players online, or by the players themselves, with a button switch(possible risk of abuse) or some other way. An easy way to solve this is to have 2-3 different arena types in a single map like Truffe suggested.
    4. Creation of permanent teams - would be helpful if we can play with a chosen teammate against other pre-formed teams. Have team rankings, stats, rewards, etc. This would make 2v2 and 3v3 more interesting. This ties in with my next suggestion
    5. Arena signup from a distance - having a menu to sign in for arena play without having to stand idle at the entry portals would be very helpful. Arena map choice can be fitted in this feature as well, since not all maps are equally well made.
    6. Having the Kick/Push power up in the beginning on all arenas - this will reduce the luck factor and arena matches will more often be decided by skill instead of pure chance.
    7. Disable perks in arena , unless all involved players have the same perk equipped. Again - fairplay is at the core.

    I realise this is a lot of stuff, but points 3 and 6 are rather easy to implement.

    Will add more stuff if something comes to mind.
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  • Arenas are random size...
    currently there is only 1 person programming this game, and they are still working on the desktop client.
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