EU Server Arena 1v1 Tournament!!!1

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Hello fellow addicts with time and nerves to spare!

We are launching an improvised arena 1v1 tournament, so whoever wants to join - can contact me, or sign up in this thread.
The number of participants im aiming at is 16, but if we cant get to that number, just 8 will do.
Here are some ground rules, but i reserve the right to add more stuff as we go, if the need arises.

1. The battle format will be as follows - 9/17 for the final, 6/11 for the semifinals, 5/9 for the quarters and 4/7 for the round of 16(if there is one)
2. The players will keep track of their wins vs their opponent via screenshots(whole screen so time and date can be seen)
3. The battles will be left for the participants to figure out - you can play all your battles on a single map, or on differing maps - whatever the two opponents decide. What i care about is the score.
4. Timeframe - having only 16 min rounds and random arena spawns makes this a non-timed event. Whenever the two of you meet online - you can fight in the arena, and if you dont have time to finish the whole match - you can continue from where you left off at another time.
5. Submitting the scores - Once a winner between you two has been decided - he submits the winning screenshots to the event organiser(Me) via the forum message system as a new message. The opponent who loses is encouraged to acknowledge their opponent's win in the chat and confirm the match is over, as it will be easier to keep track of stuff this way. Dont forget to take screenshots, or you will have to rely on your opponent to admit his defeat.
6. The tournament will end when it ends. No set date, whenever all the matches are played we will announce the winner
7. Entry is strictly for people who have at least an understandable level of english and are able to communicate whatever is happening to the organiser. (also able to take a screenshot ofcourse)
8. If a match goes on for too long(lets say more than a week without a winner) - one or both of the participants might be replaced with another player(or a lucky loser), and the match will restart.
9. Since its winter - the Santa transformation might impact your performance, so be aware of that.
10. The initial draw, as well as the draw after each round will be made via
11. Try to be fair and friendly towards your opponent and show sportsmanship.
12. Dont take this sh*t too seriously

- To keep things fair and even, using perks is strictly forbidden, unless the two players have an agreement beforehand and are using the same perks.
- Only 1v1 arenas count. 2v2 , 3v3, 1v1v1, 1v1v1v1 wins dont count for this tournament.
- Attempting to cheat the organizer in any way will result in an immediate disqualification

- The glory of being the first(?) organised arena tournament winner in this game
- The GOLDEN SHEEP trophy that every man, woman and child dreams of every night
- Fireworks by @Perfo (if he wants to comply)
- A quick dance with @missfrance (if she wants to comply)
- A few compliments by @arsus (if he wants to comply)
- A gifted round win by @Perkmaster (if he wants to comply)
- A pair of woolen socks by @a_Sheep (if he wants to comply)

(Disclaimer: The organizer gives no guarantees on any of that)

1. @a_Sheep
2. @Clems
3. @MisterKhube

Sign up here, in the chat ingame, or in my inbox.
Good luck!


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