Broken Game

What is it with this game now a days? Nothing seems to work like it should, monsters don't follow the same rules as the players, bombs seemingly go off randomly, and all the "mods" do is blame lag. This game is a far cry from its glory days. It's actually just infuriating to play now
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  • Not sure what you're talking about. if you're not using "Chrome" webbrowser then try using that to play (that's what I use). I know some players using "lesser known" browsers couldn't pickup coins until they used chrome....
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  • I'm using the latest version of Chrome.

    It's monsters that go over or through bombs, more than just what would be covered by "lag", it's not being able to pick up items occasionally, being killed when nothing touches me at all. I'm behind two blocks and the only monsters are on the other side but somehow I die. It's maddening
  • Unplayable anymore. What utter bs
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  • Explain to me how this works: a bomb slides through fire, and doesn't go off, but me right behind that bomb dies?
  • The impossible becomes possible with a high enough ping!
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  • What a crock of spit. That makes less sense than the usual BS that comes out about this garbage pile of code. Next you're going to say that when monsters have their explosions that increase randomly, Oh ThAt'S pInG tOo!
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    My ping isn't outlandish and this crap is infuriating
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