CrashMaxxXx 3 Stars! (Gally vs Pwnyy)

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Gally: Really.... you're still standing! AMAZING!

A smirk appears on Pwnyy's face, but is quickly overwritten, an expression of pain replacing it.

The world's will had begun to fight back against Gally. He had drawn in on the systems power many times throughout the last few millenia. He felt he had stretched its essence to the limit (going any further could potentially damage his connection with the system itself, or hurt his true soul).

Deep inside Gally knew his strength knew no bounds, and losing the support of the system wouldn't mean much. But if problems stemmed from his true soul (something unlinked to his cultivation at all). His entire existence would be vulnerable! How could he put himself in such a position?

pwnny: You are putting up a front are you not? You - *compresses an explosion set off in his location from gally*
Gally: I recovered my 5 stars long ago, soon I'll be a peak 5 star... who knows? I may break through any second.

Gally was ecstatic - scoring the ultimate goal didn't even give him a full 1% increase in his cultivation, but he was now at 43% completion, AFTER having destroyed his cultivation previously... he didn't even realize this had took 10,000+ years... such time was mere moments to somebody who was 5 stars

With him not only having had restarted earlier, but even then, he had surpassed his past achievement. Such an outcome almost left him in tears!

Gally: Pwnyy! You are lucky! I will hold back even more from this point on, you'll only need to survive one more! Don't die on me yet, I need to go further! You need to draw more of my power out!!

pwnyy: *clicks tongue*

A shield appears on Gally

pwnyy: You were bluffing earlier! As we have been flying across realms, I saw a vision of my teacher Jimmy! He told me to believe in the heart of the ointments! The gifts I bear, would not dare lie to me, their creator!

Gally had never been a fan of the dao of ointments, studying it was like putting your being on many psychedelic drugs, it was not a pleasant experience, you would attain many truths of the universe... but... there was a price to pay for everything, nobody got a free lunch in this bomb eat bomb world.

Gally: EXPLOSION!!!!

the expression on pwnyy's face didn't shift at all, he had seen this scene one too many times

pwnyy: Child's play!

the leaden pants protected him, he took no damage at all... and smoothly walks towards Gally, while dusting off his beard (he is a crazed santa at the moment)

Gally reaches 44% completion towards breaking through

pwnyy: *SERIOUS FACE* By the power invested in Jimmy, I summon you. POT OF GOLD!!!!!

Gally: NOOOO!!!!

Gally rushes towards Pwnyy, time almost still... but he is too late!

He is blown back by a rainbow! a countless number of ponies and unicorns... along with some hamsters swarm him.

Gally snaps his fingers - they then all disintegrate

Gally: Oh...

Him and Pwnyy both look on in awe as a pot of gold the size of life stands at the end of the rainbow... in the distance you almost hear Jimmy's happiness - he is actually right behind Pwnyy though..making his own flashback scene...

Jimmy_Scissors: the glory of ointments... the glory of ointments... the glory of ointments... *he says while whispering*

pwnyy: *tears up* I can almost hear his voice...
Gally: ...
Jimmy_Scissors: You were my best disciple pwnyy! may the ointments bless you!
Jimmy disappears after throwing a special ointment into the pot of gold (a tear had blinded pwnyy long enough to not even notice jimmy was there briefly)

pwnyy: It's too bad I haven't been able to really improve during this time... the pot of gold holds within it the comprehension of 32% rank 4 of the law of ointments. You better run Gally!

Gally: 32% you're that close to reaching my rank? Hmm... this is but a small matter, I comprehend the system itself, the tw-

Gally is blasted within an inch of his life by the rainbow, but ultimately survives (now in an enraged state)

pwnyy: Taste the rainbow!
Gally: SKITTLES!!!!!!!!

If he had died there it would of been no big deal, in fact the only thing he could've possibly lost was... pride. But he was the strongest, and wouldn't take such a slight- getting beat by that old man jimmy's disciple? How could he bear such a thought?

The rainbow continued a relentless attack, moving so fast that it looked as if it had multiplied - it almost looked as if the pot of gold itself was dancing (it was in fact dancing, only slightly though)

pwnyy: Give up Gally! Was all of this worth your goal??

Gally maintains his indifferent silence while dodging the rainbows strikes by the length of a hair, looking as if he is in complete control

Gally: Pwnyy, you disappoint me! I was able to rank up beyond my prime from zero, now that you had the opportunity to fight me at my weakest, you think that translates you to being able to beat me? the god of soccer!

Gally: After I had reached rank 3 and had gained insight into the universe, I realized that part of the appeal of the laws was the never ending quest of comprehension. This is why I chose the system as the catalyst for my law, it has served me greatly. As you can see from this battle. *Gally looks around the clear field, making an obvious gesture*

pwnyy: So what?

Gally: I have achieved 100% comprehension pwnyy...

pwnyy: What are you even talking about?

Gally: w

Gally: You followed the path of your teacher, you even walked further along it then him. I made my own path.... hehehe... or should I say paths!!

pwnyy: *eyes widen* IMPOSSIBLE!!

the rainbow strikes get even faster, but the indifference on Gally's face turns into a smirk.

Gally: That's right pwnyy... I am a genius only seen once in an eternity, someone who comprehends two laws! Not only do I comprehend two laws, but they are so pure that I need not have to follow someone else's dao!

pwnyy: you're bluffing!

At this point the pot of gold breaks out into a cold sweat

pot of gold: hurry up rainbow!
rainbow: I'm going as fast as I can!!! the leprechaun is almost here!!

pwnyy: *sighs in relief* the leprechaun is the main reason I even used it... to think it would take so long to charge up, the true semblance of a finisher...

Gally: I have 100% comprehension in the law of goaling. There is nothing I cannot score! Everyone here has approached the system wrongly, even hash who had spent his life trying to exploit it! We do not need to build our essence to increase our comprehension, we can increase it through skill, as long as you build up experience through your actions...

Gally: You will be able to end the cycle... this is precisely what happened when I scored the ultimate goal, I am the first person in existence to ever reach 100% comprehension of a law, and stay there!

pwnyy: ...

Gally: That Pwnyy... is why you will never win. I've already beat this game!

pot of gold: it's coming!

you can hear people chanting in the background, voices whispering holy rambles

a leprechaun has appeared!

pwnyy: Ahhh! *pwnyy passes out*


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    he had used too much of his essence to summon this, compared to the energy consumption of summoning the 300 hamsters... this was a million fold!

    the leprechaun catches pwnyy before he hits the ground, and lays him gently down

    leprechaun: rest well, master...
    leprechaun: *gazing at Gally with hatred* You...!

    *Gally feels like his soul is being looked at by an ancient beast*

    Gally: YES! Provide an outlet for me to grow more! Give me everything you have!

    Gally holds one hand up, and the sound of a clock striking midnight airs out for all to hear across the multiverse

    A giant goal appears on the other side of the universe the size of a red giant

    Floating out of the bounds of reality above Gally's hand is a giant soccerball, spinning in a way that makes one feel doom

    leprachaun: Impressive! Your close to ascending out of this plain of existence... it is too bad we didn't find you while you were still blooming- I love nothing more then stomping out geniuses before they mature!

    A viscious aura leaks from the leprechaun, causing Gally to shiver.... the leprechaun grows to an unimaginable size... which tears a whole in the fabric of spacetime sending him and Gally through cracks

    As they fall Gally throws the soccerball at the leprechaun...

    Gally: AAAAAAAAH!!!
    leprechaun: AHHHHHH!!!

    Right when the soccer ball is about to smash into the leprechaun - the body of pwnyy, that was previously falling into the spatial crack ignites - a white energy blinding everything

    'pwnyy': *looks at both hands* So this is the power of a 4 star eh? I never thought I would get to experience this... truly interesting.

    Gally: pwnyy? your aura... there isn't a trace of ointments in it!

    the leprechaun shrinks and makes a terrible face, looking as if it is in great pain

    leprechaun: that-...that isn't pwnyy! *begins to fade away*

    'pwnyy': This wasn't the body I was going for, but it will have to do... I'll be taking control of yours next!

    Gally: You think you could take control of m-?

    the leprechaun pushes Gally out of the way, right as a very small signet is pushed out of a tiny portal

    Gally: _Salty_?

    'pwnyy': \(^-^)/ You weren't suppose to see that...

    Gally: that mark...the mark of a lenny, how!?

    'pwnyy': It is said that one is not able to touch upon their own dao or law until they reach rank 3... but I had copied some of the aspects of hash energy... and became a fake disciple of jimmy to gain his trust and his teachings. After combining the two, I went around many worlds learning everything I could about-

    the leprechaun disappears

    'pwnyy': alchemy and the mysterious properties of brands, upon a certain world I discovered the power of expression '( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)' and made it my own. I am able to switch out true souls with anybody I brand... meaning you're cultivation as well as pwnyy's is as good as mine! I can only thank the wonderful teachings of Jimmy and hash for making this all possible, without evolving their foundations... I never could of come this far.

    at that moment a brand appeared on Pwnyy's head '( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)'

    Gally: You just told me your entire plan...

    'pwnyy': So what? There's no way I could lose... Your vitality is great, of that I have no doubt in my heart... but I've been watching in the shadows... you've been growing weaker... with my expression being shown here pwnyy has made a full recovery! Your essence is drained, your laws are used for now... you used your finishing move on a leprechaun! Your body and cultivation is as good as mine!

    Gally begins to notice the deep fatigue he is in - these last 10,000 years have been tough...

    Gally could force the system to give him power... but that would shatter his true soul, he would be gone forever... but... it was better then letting somebody reap all of his hard earned power!

    At that moment Gally decided... He would ignite his true soul, his point mass, his soul, and his cultivation to restart everything should he be was better then living life as a slave to Salty's whim.

    Hyping himself up for one last battle, Gally stepped forward... smiling?

    'pwnyy': Why are you smiling?

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    Gally: I always get stronger the more I am pushed, I have never met a situation where this has not been the case. I'll tell you this Salty, you'll regret this little 'scheme' you have set up.

    'pwnyy': HAhahhahhahahahahahahahahahaahhaha-

    Both Pwnyy and Gally's faces turn into that of shock... they turn their heads, looking off into the distance

    Gally: Another one has joined the ranks of 3? But... this... it is different.

    'pwnyy': I've never felt true laws before... and probably would've missed it had I been in my actual body... but that... its quality surpasses the dao of ointments!

    Jimmy_Scissors: *appears* Impossible!!! *disappears*

    the black void they were in turns white, and they stop falling

    'pwnyy': what's... going on...

    Gally: Crash?

    thousands of strikes of black lightning appear in the space overwhelming both parties.... cracks begin to appear in space time

    Everything goes quiet... a black hole appears beside Gally

    Crash steps out of the sphere

    Dark: No Gally... Call me 'Dark' from now on

    Gally: This aura... this isn't the same crash!


    CrashMaxxXx: I'm so close!

    He had really wanted to break into 3 stars... the difference between rank 12 and 13 was as big as the gap between a star and a rookie. When one reaches a 3 star... they will gain insights to their future path, this is the biggest moment of enlightenment that can be found internally, nothing else comes close.

    From rank 0 to rank 10... one is only slowly building their foundation, after they reach rank 10 they have a sea of consciousness that is capable of customizing their path from thereon. Rank 11 is the first true shackle that stops most, after breaking through that the quality of their spirit force will increase, leading to their sea of consciousness shrinking to the size of a puddle (they are able to then manipulate the energy easier, which makes following the path to the truth easier).

    In the transition from rank 11 to 12 one must crystalize this spiritual force, turning the puddle into but a crystal. This lets them cause some subtle phenomenon in certain worlds, in addition to allowing them to stow away energy. It doesn't do much else though... because the most critical reason this happens is because the sea of consciousness is preparing itself to be destroyed.

    Crash was at this point! His sea of consciousness was not a mighty uncontrollable sea, that one could not grasp! it was but a crystal the size of his fist. If you had to compare somebody at rank 10 to somebody at rank 2, the rank 10's sea of consciousness would look more impressive, but it was an uncontrollable mess containing at maximum of only 524288 grams of essence. While currently the small crystal inside his sea of consciousness was at 4194284 grams of essence... the quality could not be compared! he needed but 20 more grams of essence. Then he would reach enlightenment, he would know his path! He did not cheese the system... or try to come up with some half baked cheat of a law.

    Little did he know that he had been infected by his dabbling in hash energy, in combination with his fierce desire to step into the domain of rank 3, the purity of his crystal put into question, and the clearness of his mind not bearing full truth...

    Crash enters an arena to celebrate his future ascension

    CrashMaxxXx: Hmm... I need only 1 more kill to reach 3 stars!!!

    This arena looked quite odd, it's mirrored in places as usual... but it seemed smaller then it should be - sending chills down his spine

    His head begin to hurt

    He saw two other people in the arena with him... but it would seem he was halucinating. There was somebody that looked just like him... cloaked in a robe of white. There was another person cloaked in a a tattered robe colored black.

    He felt his strength fade while seeing an explosion go off, langoliers ate the world around him - he had stayed in this particular node for too long

    He saw hundreds of paths extending like the roots of a tree... but he then only saw darkness as he fell into the abyss, having been thrown off by langoliers.

    CrashMaxxXx: r-a-nk..thr-ee?

    The crash in tattered robes reached out towards him, offering a hand in his time of need

    'You must reach your full potential'

    Crash reached for the hand, but stopped midway... he was now floating in a black void, the only source of light coming from behind him... his light form

    Crash saw the future... everything destroyed...

    Crash: Gally?- Detonated? *shakes head*

    Crash: *whispering* I need power now, I'll only be able to achieve what I want when I have reached my full potential...

    Crash shoved the light crashs hand away and grabbed his dark forms hand, pulled into his embrace as everything flashed and went black

    100% Dark Matter Comprehension Unlocked

    To be continued...
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    Gally wrote: »
    I wish... :)

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  • ...
    Gally wrote: »
    I wish... :)

    urgh.... my math skills... arugh

    ah well, you'll get to 72% in a few days anyways, wouldn't expect less from someone who has comprehended the law of goaling.

    I got 71% initially because of your essence being 24108589

    then just divided it by 33554432 -> which meant 71% completion

    I really should of done it this way to reflect the actual percentage complete in game:

    24108589 - 16777216 = 7331373
    7331373 / 16777216 = 43.7%

    So in your cultivation (and the story) you are 72% (after doing another round of killing from explosion you were boosted to about 24,308,589 essence).

    I should probably change how I do the completion calculations xD (since when you advance here, you already have 50% ready to go essentially).
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  • It has been updated :p (it makes more sense now xD)
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    It'll take me a year to get to three stars and another 2 years for 4 stars.

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    I wish... :)

    You wish you hadn't killed me for my ball right after I scored two goals for you... 'Infinite dying' mode reactivated for your gameplay experience :*
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