A little share hehe

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Ok, ok, ok. I have played this game in exactly 1 year and +x days. And I have some thoughts to share. Just i feel so boring so i want to write that, it is simple to understand, huh?

The first time i play here, as you can image, i am a really noob knowing nothing and have no skills. Everybody starts with that. My english is so bad, so i cant find and read instruction in Help ( i read it when i already know all, hm), and i cant chat too lol. I play mainly in JP, where i find it most comfortable to play ( i mean i got no lag). But in there, i was slayed cruely. No place for newbies. Yeah there are peaceful players, but they only not kill you, they cant protect you all the time. I remember i was shocked when there is someone not kill me, omggggggg, it is sakidatora !!!! I was tired of be killed, so i leave game.

Yeah i did it. I played another game is "Battlehouse", you know? I was playing this game in a while, until i realize that in this game, you cant alive without join in a clan. There is one player with higher rank and more upgrade weapons than me keep destroy my headquater all the time. Dang it, and when i ask people, they say if i want to live i have to join a clan, they protect you and you protect them. It isnt my style. I was very angry. So, i did a revenge. I use all of my troops, all of my soldiers, all without nothing, to kill the headquater of this players. Ya, and i leave this game after that, at November.

Then i come back to GoB. I call it destiny. This time the snow map is opened, and i found my new interest in game. I found a server i can play peacefully, found good friends and all. And i stayed here.

I remember this time, when i log in game there is always about 100-200 players online. After one year i play, now it is 40-60 players online... a half, ya..

I guess the next year everything will change, so i write here to have something remind me of this time. And i wonder how many players online one year later?



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