Hellooooo helloooooo !!!!!!


  • Helloo ~ How are you banana?
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  • Crash! May the potatoes be with you my brother.... also... uhh
    *leans in*


    '....I'm going to need my cut of that lottery money ;p'

    *leans out*

    *stands up*

    *backs away slowly, while doing 180 degree quick turns in real life to simulate movement in gameofbombs*

    *Falls down*


    *Jumps away faster then the speed of light*

    *Moved too fast, and broke the rules*

    *Banned by Ivan*
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    Brothers and Sisters of the Potato Community, it is with great sadness to inform you that @HASHARAHHA14, Commander of the French Fries 5th Division, has been BANNED by an Overlord. Now I know it seems like he broke the rules, BUT that's what they wanted you to think. He is actually banned for TREASON. Its all a setup to get rid of the potato leaders. Those Hearthstone bastards are behind this.

    *Guy at the back* "He can jump away faster than the speed of light, but can't move quick enough to avoid being banned."

    Who let this guy in? Security get rid of this guy, kick em out of here.

    Jeez some people. Anyways we must not panic and give up, Hash wouldn't, we must FIGHT for the lives of the Potatoes! And with that i'd like everyone donated $50 to the #FreeHash campaign.

    *another guy from the back* "Ayy dude why you collecting money for? Can't you just use the lottery money you won?"


    These people man. Alright now that we've got the cash, it's time to execute Operation Rescue Hash, and here's how we're gonna do it.

    *camera zooms, pans upwards and light dims*

    Will Hash be saved? What's this Operation? Who is the Hearthstone people? So many questions to be answered. So what happens next?

    Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z Kai.... Wait

    *looks back and whispers* what's the name of this show again?
    Oh right got it

    Find out on episode 2 of Civil Wars: "Attack of the Potatoes"

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    Episode 2 - Civil War 'Attack of the potatoes'

    *Crash begins to feel a weird presence*

    *It feels as if he is being hit by robotic balls playing a game of soccer*

    Crash: Wait a second....

    Hash: Your not in Kans *cough* Gameofbombs anymore.

    Crash: What??!?!? Impossible.

    *Crash has an epiphany*

    *he flashbacks back to the times he played neuronball with hash, and hash appears within his mind*

    Crash: Thi-This... It's not possible!!! I refuse to believe it!

    Hash: Yes Crash, A little over two years ago I sent you a link to a match of neuronball

    Hash: I then using the seed from the game, calculated out of billions of possibilities along with all of the different routes both of our teams would take, the ins and the outs. From that I placed an encoded message in your brain.... which was to activate at this very moment and play out this pre-recorded message!

    Crash: But how are you responding to me in real time?

    Hash: With my divine dao sense of potatoes, I have predicted all outcomes.... nothing escapes my eight tri-gate hash energy sense. If your seeing this message this means things are all going according to the plan and that I have been banned by Ivan for treason, or as the kids say for the 'lolz'.

    Crash: Wait!??! so that's how you knew I would get the lottery ticket! Impossible!!! *Crash falls to the ground*

    Hash: *spins head to the side - as he is in a neuronball body* Indeed, Indeed.

    Hash: But enough with the smalltalk, we have important matters to discusss.

    Hash: Those hearthstone bastards were able to keep me under their control for quite some time, the potatoe leaders have likely been disbanded. And most of the plutonium kill squad are likely retired by now. But....- I may be reaching when I say this...but. I know that you'll still be there crash, and that you can help me get unbanned in 'Operation Rescue Hash'-

    Crash: tf.... even got the name right, well what do I do?

    Hash: Heh *Smirks*. That's simple you-

    *Camera Shakes*

    *Hash is smashed by another neuron ball, he tries to dodge it.... but he runs out of energy*

    Crash: Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!

    *As hash slowly closes his eyes he says these words*

    Hash: Crash *cough* There have been seven clues left around the gobverse, *cough* I know you'll be able to do it... even with the odds stacked against you.... you... must... chrome...

    *hash powers down*

    *Recording ends*

    What will happen to the pluto squad? Will mysterious potatoe leaders come back out from hiding? Well....

    To be continued....

    Find out on episode 3 of Civil Wars: "Attack of the Potatoes"

  • Hash: I then using the seed from the game, calculated out of billions of possibilities along with all of the different routes both of our teams would take, the ins and the outs.
    Technical Note - Actual number was 14,000,605 futures.
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