A small update: chats channels, balance tweaks, chat log setting

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The chat now has 2 independent channels.
The "censored" channel has strict rules and is intended for players who like civilized and respectful conversations.
The "uncensored" channel is for players who like to swear and don't mid others' swearing. It has much less moderation restrictions imposed.
The messages from one channel are not visible in the other. Everyone can choose which channel they prefer.
Muting in the "censored" channel doesn't affect the "uncensored" channel.
When a player enters a chat channel for the first time (and every time after being muted), they have to read and accept the chat channel rules.

Small balance tweaks:
1. The shield gained in PvM room is now removed upon leaving this room. It protects the players who really play in PvM from those who only enter PvM to gain the shield and run back to PvP.
2. Pacifism perk has been nerfed by reducing the number of bombs and their power. Now it's less suitable for non-peaceful play-style.

An option has been added to the profile to automatically remove chat messages older than 2 weeks from the logs on the server.
Before that change, all the chat logs have been stored indefinitely. They have been used in disputes about moderation, to prove the player's identity when restoring access to an account, or when a player applied to be a moderator. Now you can choose not to store your chat messages for more than 2 weeks. Note that if your chat logs are removed, you can't complain about moderation or apply to be a moderator.

I continue developing the new cross-platform game engine with better lag compensation for the next version of GoB and possible other games. All the efforts are concentrated on this project, so there are few updates for the current game.


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