Real life physical harming

When your avatar dies to much in this particular game, does any one else punch themselves in the face multiple times so bad that you fall out of your chair and leave knots and bruises, or bite and rip the skin on your hands till they bleed, or similar? I can't stop playing and at the same time stop self mutilating. I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and what they do to help alleviate it.
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  • You are one in a million @Zenna :D
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  • please dont do that
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  • Having a permanent chat ban, not seeing the lols, and not having the capability to make a rebuttal "was" very helpful, but now I have a choice to have chat on or off, I need to not a have a choice because it's coming back.
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  • In the case that you may be being serious, or that someone else may feel comforted in hearing someone else talk about this, I want to admit that I dealt with this too back when I played this game more often!!

    I used to feel so ashamed and upset when I made mistakes/hurt someone/got made fun of, and I remember just how badly those emotions would pile up, which would lead to me hurting myself (in some of the same ways that you described)!!! I try to avoid competitive games for now on because I don't like these feelings ... and I think it's been helping me some!!

    If you're dealing with these same issues ... I hope that you're getting some help for them in some way ): No one should have to deal with emotions so intense that they drive people to hurt themselves or others ... It's a shame that cruelty on the internet is so prevalent on some areas, and that innocent, well-meaning people can get so hurt over other people's actions .. I just try to remember that the people who hurt others are hurt people themselves, and that their anger has no where else to be directed except towards others... I hope that some users on here (like me!!!!!!!) can show to the people who need love most that there is love to be felt <3

    I don't know if this thread was supposed to be silly or not ... But regardless, I'm grateful that you gave me this opportunity to talk about this issue in the off case that it may help you, and maybe even other players as well! :)
    (Oh! And I'm sorry if my writing is messy... I don't like to read over my messages because it embarrasses me, but hopefully my meaning comes across legibly/understandably !!!!!!!)
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  • I am serious and I wish I could get a permanent chat ban so that I don't have the option of turning it on.
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