How to change buttons ?

On Chrome and Firefox, I haven't succeeded to change the buttons of game.
Whenever I try to assign a key, a strange input generally appears like "h" in place of 8 (top_arrow of the numeric pad) and the new selected keys do not work at all...
Are there keys that can truly be assigned to change the default arrows ?
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  • Yes, "h" is correct for that key [I just tried it] remember to "save" your options and then test it out in-game.
  • o and they don't change the "default arrow keys", they remain, they change the alternate keys (w, a, s, d) iirc
  • Meanwhile I had at least succeeded with keys not from the numeric pad, I will try again.
    Thanks Gally !
  • With others key from numeric pad, it has a conflict, the bomberman is often blocked in the previous direction.
    I have to press the previous (and blocked) direction key in order to launch again the onKeyOut UI event and free his move.
  • try with "num lock" on then.
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    I tried with or without.
    It does not seem to have some differences.
    And I would add, that pressing SHIFT for time bombs, automatically block the current pressed direction, with custom numpad keys.
    I think you may think about liberating the arrows from being automatically assigned, to avoid such unwanted behaviors. My computer/keyboard has never had such behavior with normal keys... An input UI may be working normally whatever the selected keys without losing reactivity or presenting conflict.

    I apologize for the numerous posts with unwanted numbers.... I did not realize I can reaffect the chat key until now. ^^'
  • Unless I am mistaking but it appears we cannot change the jetpack key "f"
    It would be really handy if we could do so!
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