Gameofbombs in the past

I just find this video on Gally's youtube channel:

This is so great for me because i'm new in this game and there is so many things in the past of this game that i dont know. I also can see the development of this game, that is so awesome.

And if everyone has their memories with this game, you can share it in here so all old and new player, like me, can see it :wink:
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  • @F_lu_Ffy hey, let s watch it :D
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  • i never knew about game of bombs before 2014 when i FIRST joined but then my school blocked it
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  • hi zenrek. welcome along. great little game. one thing that's changed is that there are less idiots trolling in the chat. at one point there were 4 or 5 idiots ruining everything.
    so that's a major improvement, along with the various game improvements.
  • we must not allow trolls to take over this game we need more positive people like you jimmy and many others. dangerouscat Trolli mashy max serge ally slayie pwnyy teavana hagelslag and 145 make this game worth playing. there are so many good people on this game. as long as the number of good people stays above the troll count ill be happy and more people will actually enjoy this game like its meant to be.
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