Last server is not saved

There was a time, where your last server was saved correctly, so when you close the Browser Tab and /or your Browser, if you play again the server selected is same as before you disconnect. I remembered that now already a few days, and its getting on my nerves.
An Example for understanding:
  1. You play on EU server in Team room
  2. You close the GoB Browser Tab and /or the Browser
  3. After an unspefied time, you come Back. If you now klick play You not landing on EU server, you landing on a random server with low ping.
Some Weeks ago, in Step 3 You will land on EU Server. The server I usally land is now the RU one, so i need to switch back manual. Where does this came from? Also, there EVERYTIMES I see the window with the nice Text Updating client to a new Version, please wait, but if I then be on the server, i see that nothing had changed. Game gets worse through it. Can you fix that???
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