Firefox is good for GoB again (formerly it was eating CPU like crazy)

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Update 2017-11-15: The problem has been fixed in Firefox Quantum. Its CPU usage in the game is comparable to that of Chrome. Now Firefox is good for GoB again!

Obsolete info:
The latest Firefox releases (since at least 50.1.0) have abnormally high CPU usage in Game of Bombs (40..50% on good CPUs) even in menu when no game servers or skin tabs had been opened. Chrome and Edge in the same situations have low CPU usage (below 10% for relatively modern CPUs), as expected.
It doesn't seem to affect FPS in the game much. However, it makes CPU hot, cooler loud and battery discharge quickly.
Profiling shows that CPU is eaten by Firefox engine (Gecko) itself, not our scripts. We can't do anything about it.

Until it's fixed, we recommend playing in other browsers (such as Chrome), especially if you're using a laptop.
If extra energy consumption and cooler sound doesn't bother you and FPS in the game stays around 55..60, there is no need to change a browser.
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  • what did you used to test it? I use FF too (latest build), and I have a average of 50 C (have core i5). But that is mainly caused by the fact I use Folding@home (running on 3 CPU).
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    @_Salty_ to test it, you need only a browser with the site opened in it (open only the menu right after login, without ever entering a game server or opening the skins shop) and something that shows CPU usage, such as Windows Task Manager. To investigate further, you can profile it with built-in "Performance" tool in Firefox with "Show Gecko Platform Data" option enabled and make similar measurements in other browsers.
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  • What does the game use flash for?
  • Game uses flash only to support "ctrl+c" command on referral link.
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  • Hackerham wrote: »
    Game uses flash only to support "ctrl+c" command on referral link.

    Ick... you could use a different system where new players just type the username of the person who referred them when they make an account
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  • I am using the latest build of Firefox on Mac (Sierra) and after about 7 minutes of playing GoB the game makes the browser crash. It started happening after launching the Mixed server globally. Prior to that I used to have random lag/ping spikes but it wasn't that bad. Now I can't play for more than 5 minutes without the broser crashing.
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  • Since the last update of FF (build, 56.0, 64 bit) I suffer from major lag and occasionally lag spikes too. In Chrome, GoB works fine. Anyone else the same issue? musiqu07.gif
  • Also thnk slower connection, more likely freeze. maybe game waiting on packet and does not detect packet
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