Big change in usernames and emails

Verification of emails is required to write to the chat, but nicknames are visible in the game right after registration without a verification.

Some users create one-time accounts with different names each time they enter the game. Some even use it spam characters with offensive names.

We're adding a new feature (not active on all servers yet): until an email is verified, a player's nickname in the game is not visible, but replaced with a name like ~player23942.

The reasons for this change:
- to discourage creating and abandoning accounts with different names each time a player enters the game;
- to make it very hard to spam accounts with offensive names (a user may create them without verifying emails, but those names will not be visible to anyone and won't offend anyone);
- to make it possible for the moderators to check every new nickname offline and censor offensive ones (right now there are so many nicknames per day that it's impractical; after this change only nicknames of users that have finished a registration will need to be checked).

It won't affect both existing registered accounts users and older accounts that haven't finished registration.


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