Meet the bears!

edited December 2016 in News
Cute bears are ready to jump into the fray!

These awesome sprites are made made by @nya

A limited time offer: save 5 plutonium on the first bear skin purchased!
(this brings the minimal bear skin cost down to 30 plutonium during the initial offer)

And don't forget about our previous skin update - dinosaurs made by @CyJey!
Their minimal price is also lowered down to 30 plutonium.

To see new skins in the game, refresh the page (press CTRL+F5).

These skins are available in the constructor. To use them, do the following:
- select "Skins" in the game menu;
- select "Skin Constructor" tab at the top of the page;
- select the desired skin type use green arrows near < Skin Type >
- choose items and color that you like at the bottom of the page and click on the green button with plutonium cost on it.

After you purchase colors and item in the skin constructor, they become yours forever, so you can mix and match them to change a skin as many times as you like without spending plutonium.


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