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Some players are confused, thinking that moderators have special hacks that give them an unfair advantage. People have asked to write a clarification. Here is the complete list of moderator abilities in the game:

1. They can use green and red color in the chat.

2. They can mute a player, but the time is determined automatically by a server based on the number of previous mutes. So if you see "Player has been switched to read-only mode 11 level auto (8192 minutes)" it's not because a mod decided to give the maximum time, but because this player was muted 10 times before.

3. They can create an alias to a nickname that will be visible in the game instead of the original nick. There is a limitation: each alias always has at least one "*" symbol. That means a moderator can't create a copy of a normal nick and pretend that he/she is another person.

4. They can change their skin to any other skin for one round, but they can't change it permanently.

5. They have 2 commands "for fun": to make a ball or a bomb talk and to create a harmless rainbow explosion.

6. They have 2 special perks "for fun":
- they can become a nyan cat for a round. It's not contagious and doesn't give them immunity to the normal nyan cat disease. If they use that perk, they get no exp points, plutonium, gold and goals in this round.
- "santa" - their bombs are colorful and leave presents after explosion. Only other players can pick them up, so it gives no advantage to a moderator.

That's all. There are no hidden hacks, additional plutonium or powerups. The only thing that can give an advantage is the nyan cat perk, but it leaves them with a zero score and every player can see when they are using it.

Admins indeed have more powerful commands and perks like building and teleportation for development and testing purposes. There are few admins, they are trusted adult people somehow involved in the development and they don't use it to gain an unfair advantage while playing.


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  • I've seen moderators helping normal players. players don't complain because they know nothing will come of it.
    the question do you think this is fair???
  • you don't punish the players who break the rules will keep doing it.
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    Mac, stop spamming on this topic, or you will get banned

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